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International Divorce, Child Custody & Adoption

Nothing can make a straightforward legal issue complicated faster than the combination of family disputes and international borders. When you find yourself dealing with an international family law issue, you need The Law Office of Derrick J. Hensley, PLLC on your side. Our attorneys are well-versed in family law, immigration law and Hague Convention protocols. Speak with a compassionate and family-focused attorney about your legal situation today.

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International Law

Understand your parental and spousal rights across borders

Our family law attorneys can help you deal with a variety of international family law issues. The Law Office of Derrick J. Hensley, PLLC takes on international cases relating to:

  • Child abduction – we’ll help you recover a child who’s been abducted to a foreign country.
  • Divorce – we’ll help you divorce your spouse who is living abroad.
  • Custody problems – we’ll help you find and retrieve your child and settle any custody disputes.
  • Service processes in civil matters – we’ll help you serve someone outside the country with a lawsuit.
  • Adoption – we’ll help you adopt a child from abroad in conformity with domestic and international legal requirements

Trust a team of family lawyers with extensive experience in international family law. Call 919-480-1999 today to schedule your initial consultation at our office in Hillsborough, NC. We can also consult with you via Skype.

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